Our know-how guarantees competitive prices and optimal production lead-times. IDW Paris's aim is to help its clients in their search for new projects and to ensure quality follow-up.
Our production facilities and engineering departments are located in Vilnius, Lithuania.

IDW helps their clients to design the mannequins best suited to their brand, by studying the morphology and position of each model.

Once the models are created/formed by our team of sculptors, the production is ensured by our molding, cutting, polishing, painting and make-up workshops.

Made of extruded polystyrene, the mannequins are 100% recyclable and reusable.
Our logistics department ensures fast, competitive and optimal lead time deliveries




IDW is equipped to manufacture and assemble in-house wood, metal, plexiglass and corian. Our large network of suppliers allows us to provide the best materials including glass and lighting.

Every stage of the manufacturing and finishing process is carried out the highest industrial standards. Our teams of engineers and designers study the feasibility of each project through drawings, prototypes and samples. The purchasing and logistics departments define precisely the timelines and production costs.

We take the care renew our technical equipment regularly and use eco-certified materials.

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