• New mannequin collections
    10 Mar 2017

    The new mannequin collections presented at the Euroshop trade fair are available for download

  • Euroshop 2017: thanks for visiting!
    10 Mar 2017

    We would like to thank all our customers, new visitors and collegues who came to visit us at our stands during the 5 days of the Euroshop trade fair. We are already looking forward to the next edition! 

  • IDW at Euroshop 2017
    10 Mar 2017

    IDW group takes part to the next Euroshop, international fair of retail world. Euroshop will run between 16th and 20th February 2017 in Düsseldorf.  Visit our exhibition stands: C02/Hall 11and C69/Hall 12!

  • Printemps Louvre in Paris
    15 Jan 2014

    IDW Paris rcently produced merchindise displays for the new Printemps Louvre store in Paris

  • Christian Dior in Venice
    07 Dec 2013

    IDW Paris realizes the freestanding furniture of the new Dior store in Venice

  • IDW in New York
    08 Nov 2013

    IDW will present the new mannequin collections at the Retail Design Collective event in New York between December 4th and 6th 2013. Please come visit our showroom at this adress

  • Nouveau concept BIBA
    25 Oct 2013

    New mannequin concept for BIBA stores' network

  • Issey Miyake, Galeries Lafayette Paris
    30 Sep 2013

    IDW Paris carry out the new Issey Miyake stand at Galeries Lafayette, Paris (40 sqm) 

  • Dior store in Geneva
    30 Aug 2013

    IDW Paris realizes the freestanding furniture of the new Dior store in Geneva

  • Nude Store Tallinn
    04 Dec 2022

    IDW Metawood realizes the whole Nude store in Tallinn, Estonia (235 sqm) 

  • Duty Free at Nurnberg Airport
    08 Jul 2013

    IDW Germany supplys the furniture Travel Value & Duty Free store at Nurnberg Airport (560 sqm)


    Foto: Ralf Lang

  • Tom Taylor Munich
    20 May 2013

    IDW Germany réalise la nouvelle boutique de Tom Taylor à Munich : agencement et production de mannequins.   

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